Construction worker on a Cross Step Fiberglass Ladder

The Greatest Innovation in Elevation

When the Cross Step Series burst onto the scene, its groundbreaking 2-in-1 standing + leaning design was so useful and influential that it set the industry standard. We envisioned the Cross Step as a productivity tool that made it easier to get more done, faster. And by adding the Lean Green technology, Cross Step evolves into a complete climbing solution that makes it clear that your worksite is safety compliant. But when you're at the top you become a target for imitators. Why trust those that just follow the leader? Only the original Cross Step series can deliver guaranteed Louisville Ladder quality construction, accessories, and safety in either standing or leaning position. There's only one that's Built To Be Above.

  • Up to 375 lb load capacity - I, IA, and IAA ratings
  • V-shape ProTop™ with magnet strip and slots for tools
  • Shox™ impact absorption system with Raptor Boot
  • 4', 6', 8', & 12' sizes
Step ladders with a two in one design for Standing and Leaning
Step ladder feature: work 6 inches closer to any area
Step ladder heat transfer top
Step ladder feature: OHSA compliant

How can the Cross Step help you get more done?

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